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About us 


With decades of experience in our local commercial real estate markets, Fortress not only has a strong foundation in market comparison and analysis, but also understands how regional/national dynamics affect your business.

At Fortress we listen to your needs, translate that into what’s available and work with you to create optimal results.

 We offer efficient and reliable services to provide superior client satisfaction and utilize the latest technological processes in Commercial Real Estate. 

Please, contact us at Fortress and let us help guide you through the commercial real estate process, whether you need an office space, manufacturing/production facility, warehouse for distribution purposes or storefront/showroom.

Fortress is made up of professionals who excel in commercial real estate advisory roles and have a technology backbone.
— Influential Real Estate Director

The name “Fortress” was selected to reflect our company’s strengths as well as our desire to protect and serve our clients. We have adopted the elephant as our company symbol as it highlights the strength of both our human and technological resources.  Elephants have long been admired for their power and stability as well as for their wisdom, which includes their superb memory and their ability to master many different tasks and tools. Some believe elephant carvings or photos, when facing the door, can even bring good luck.  

Fortress Commercial Real Estate provides the same strength, stability, wisdom and protection to your company when you search for your next building or office space.  We believe that motivation, hard work and the right tools can open the door for clients’ success.



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